Touchless Access Conference 2020
Hi-Tech Security Solutions is hosting an online conference on 13 August 2020 focusing on touchless biometrics and their application in business and social environments today.

Touchless biometrics have been with us for many years in the form of facial, iris and even palm vein recognition, to name a few. These biometric technologies have proved useful, although there were many early disappointments in terms of functionality and accuracy. Of course, their reliability has only improved over time and while still not as popular as automated fingerprint biometrics, they are finding more traction in the physical and digital security worlds. This applies especially to the latest facial recognition systems.

Then came COVID-19 and the irrational fear of touching a biometric reader with your finger suddenly became very rational and touchless biometrics have become an important part of anti-Coronavirus efforts.

We will look at the evolution of touchless biometrics and how vendors have adapted their solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will include the new range of solutions available that are able to offer reliable touchless access control, but also more pandemic-specific features like temperature readings, visitor management, pre-arrival screening and contact tracking.

There is no charge for this conference.

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